I'm an experienced print designer with shiny new skills in web design, development and photography.

Web Design

I began transitioning into digital design in 2012 with a series of continuing education courses in web development and user experience design. But it was just a little taste and I wanted more.

Last year, I left my full-time role in print design to immerse myself in the accelerated Web Design, Development and Maintainance program at Humber College. Now I am able to create with code.

Side projects

In my spare time, I like to experiment with new creative outlets.

After many years of working with other people's images, I decided to take a photography class and discovered a new found passion. It gave me a real sense of empowerment as a "creator" and I take as many classes as I can squeeze in to further develop these skills. Next on the horizon? Food styling and flower arranging.


As a designer, I’m in the business of helping clients tell their stories.

I started my career in editorial design where I learned to use typography to establish meaningful connections with readers. I was always proud to see the issues I had worked on at the newsstands; each article the result of a successful collaboration with a team of wise wordsmiths. But I was young and curious, so I jumped at the opportunity to apply my skills to retail environments.

During the transition into retail, the dizzying pace and constantly changing roadmap was invigorating. Crafting dynamic in-store environments, experiences you could literally walk through, was eye-opening. Here, I used my skills to help customers to find inspiration for their own self-expression, to find the right products for their lifestyle, or to simply find their way around the store. Each of these things may seem small, but taken together, they have a big impact on a retailer’s ability to connect with their customers where many buying decisions are made.

Today, I’m still curious. Working my way through courses in web design, web development and photography, I'm finding new ways to tell stories. Now I'm just looking for new stories to tell.


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